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My Struggles( The thing that I fight the Most)

It’s safe to assume that we all have similar problems but different variations as a society. We all may suffer from a lack of self-care but in ways, we could never understand another individual’s version. Our self-conscious or self-ego are very powerful voices that control a lot of what we do. Yet, these ideas sub-consciously…

How’s life treating you?

It’s been a while since I had last written here, for more reasons than one. College has been an interesting experience for many reasons, especially since I would have never guessed how’d it turn out so far. I’ll be honest I don’t know what to write because on Wednesday night, I would have never guessed…

The Structure of Life/College, that keeps me going

College is a completely different experience from another thing that I had once experienced in my life. Highschool had creates a lot more structure, especially since it has more control over its students. I knew that college was going to be different, but I could never imagine how much. College is built on the structure…


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About Me

Hi, my name Is Antonio Pirone and right now I go to LHS. This coming fall semester I will be going to GMU for Psychology and Criminology. I love to workout and decided to better myself in reading more but also focusing on only myself. As I grow so should you.

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Something To Say every time

” Isn’t life just about finding yourself but slower”- Somebody