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The Structure of Life/College, that keeps me going

College is a completely different experience from another thing that I had once experienced in my life. Highschool had creates a lot more structure, especially since it has more control over its students. I knew that college was going to be different, but I could never imagine how much. College is built on the structure […]

I can’t follow my sleep routine- Why?

My bed is a wonderful thing, my bed makes me feel and look better, my bed is a place where I could stay forever, but my bed is also a harmful place. The soft and warm parts of our beds remind us of better times, a time when stress just leaves our minds. It’s exactly […]

Rich Dad Poor Dad- Robert T.Kiyosaki

As many would know now, I’ve enjoyed reading now for about a couple months and this book is no exception. I am proud to say that I’ve learned a lot from this book and was able to complete it in less than a month. If anything it taught me that time was worth the most […]


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Hi, my name Is Antonio Pirone and right now I go to LHS. This coming fall semester I will be going to GMU for Psychology and Criminology. I love to workout and decided to better myself in reading more but also focusing on only myself. As I grow so should you.

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” Isn’t life just about finding yourself but slower”- Somebody