My Struggles( The thing that I fight the Most)

It’s safe to assume that we all have similar problems but different variations as a society. We all may suffer from a lack of self-care but in ways, we could never understand another individual’s version. Our self-conscious or self-ego are very powerful voices that control a lot of what we do. Yet, these ideas sub-consciously control our actions, thoughts, and even percpetions which we are never aware of. Like many, my biggest struggle is with myself. While this can be interperuted in different versions, I am refering to how I block myself from doing what I should be doing and what I want to. It can cause people to be vunerable to themselves but hold oneself back from the actions that will further ourselves in the future. I would say the biggest issue is that this problem can not be fixed with simple treatment or healing becuase it is you. Everyday for some it seems as if there is a war in their heads due to how challenging this process can become. This post isn’t just to tell others about something I struggle but rather understand that it all starts with you. Learn to focus on yourself and see what your body or mind needs to become better. In no way, is this any sourt of way to help others medical problems but this is something I am very passionate towards. Everday I think about what drives me to better than yesterday, My parents and especially my goals of being great. It’s not just about self-care but about self-understanding what our true needs are. My first semester that college has been great, but I can’t say there were’t some falls. Yet, all my problems truly start with myself because I caused most of them by how I was holding back. The more days there are in the world, the smarter and more determined I am to the one’s I love. In a strange way isn’t life about you? About how you want to live but by also what you want to do. Learn to respect yourself, KEY WORD: LEARN

“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination”

Oscar Wilde, Irish dramatist and novelist

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