The Structure of Life/College, that keeps me going

College is a completely different experience from another thing that I had once experienced in my life. Highschool had creates a lot more structure, especially since it has more control over its students. I knew that college was going to be different, but I could never imagine how much. College is built on the structure that codependency doesn’t really exist anymore. From the classes you take, to the activities at 10-11 you decide to do, everything is up to you. Think about it, imagine your future and now picture it one area for 4 years. College has given me the opportunity to become free and let me determine what I want to do. The purpose of less structure creates the ability to multi-task and use critical thinking for about everything one does. The ability to choose whether to go out and have fun or continue studying for classes, will eventually determine the kind of person we become. Since I’m studying criminology and psychology, it teaches me about the human mind and what it’s actually capable. As humans we try to make things easier and we love to be happy because that’s one of our purposes. We adopt based on our environment and with that comes the ability to show the best parts of ourselves. My best parts are able to know what I should be doing rather than what I want to do . College is almost like a small pettle holding an human, while the pettel is barely holding its up to the human to balance everything together. It’s been very weird getting used to this new lifestyle but the thing I love is the new responsibility it has put me in. So far I have enjoyed all the parts of college since it has shown me what I want to do.

Looking at this picture has made me smile a lot because it’s due to this that makes college even more fun. The most important aspect of my college life is learning more, acquiring more knowledge has been something I’ve lived by my entire life. For anyone going into college or still in high school, it shouldn’t be about being liked or having the most friends. While that aspect of school life is established, learn to built your skills and talents in order to succeed in any form. Build the kind of person you are going to be so you don’t start too late or at all.

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