How I learn to enjoy and take advantage of Nature- The Benefits

My nose enjoys the smell of nature, my eyes hawking the night sky, and my body touching the wind going through me is one the best things I get to know in life. Our world revolves around ourselves even when one thinks it doesn’t, but at the end of the day, we mainly focus on ourselves. Think about, what is the first thing you do in the morning or the last thing at night? While I’m not trying to make this post sound terrible, I want to bring attention about our focuses in life. Recently one of my major focuses in life is the nature around me and how it stays constant. Rather than just my internet based life, nature allows me to focus on the deeper side of myself. There are so many pictures I have taken during my bike ride and walks in nature that photography has become a new passion project in the works. As anything in life, anything can be great if used effectively and correctly. Nature creates a time of isolation for myself but also deeper level thinking. This deeper level thinking allows me to plan out my day but also develop my true goals. I am allowed to do this because above all the benefits the most important thing I get is actually peace. Not the peace I get in my room nor my bathroom but literally away from everything else. Learn to isolate yourself from others but also objects, objects that can eventually hurt you. I love our age of the internet but sometimes nature will be incredibly more helpful to you.

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