I can’t follow my sleep routine- Why?

My bed is a wonderful thing, my bed makes me feel and look better, my bed is a place where I could stay forever, but my bed is also a harmful place. The soft and warm parts of our beds remind us of better times, a time when stress just leaves our minds. It’s exactly how our brain sees our bed, that is where the problems start to arise. Recently I’ve been trying to learn a lot of new skills from photography to running more. The first place to actually learn all this for free is Youtube. Youtube is the perfect place to learn anything or everything that comes into our big minds. I love paying the price of free for stuff and knowledge is very important to me. The only problem is that I have resorted to taking all the notes and recordings into my bed. I’ve made my bed my very own personal office 24/7.

Your bed should not be for working at all, but that’s just my opinion. An opinion I’ve said to myself repeatedly but never to be heard in the end. The computer and the phone have become a problem in my bed to where I barely sleep on it anymore. My sleep routine isn’t what it used to be, and now it hurts me more than ever. On an older post I had talked about how important sleep is to the mind and body, so I won’t get into that. When I fall asleep, I’m always on my phone. When I wake up, I’m always on my phone and even now I’m getting tired of it.( In both ways). I didn’t realize this problem until I could never follow my sleeping routine which I had been working on for awhile. As a person who is actively working out everyday, I need to sustain my body. Creating a sleep routine, allows the brain to rest and actively reheal which for me is a great reward.


While the solution is open to anyone considering this a problem, it starts with you. It starts with creating a schedule that one can stay to and making time for activities outside of the bed. For me, it was pretty easy since I moved to my local Barnes and Noble which I enjoy a lot. I come here every day I’m off or during the weekend and get all my work done. Being able to be productive during the day and free during the night makes me sleep so much better. If anything, make your bed only for sleeping and absolutely nothing else. Learn to be disciplined and have those boundaries.

Just a little plug, but Ali Abdaal has great courses on productivity which can help you a lot in improving your life. You get one free month of SkillShare and it’s really great if you just want to start learning. Knowledge is key and also power. Go check out his class and see how great it actually is. https://skl.sh/3b9soyt

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