Rich Dad Poor Dad- Robert T.Kiyosaki

As many would know now, I’ve enjoyed reading now for about a couple months and this book is no exception. I am proud to say that I’ve learned a lot from this book and was able to complete it in less than a month. If anything it taught me that time was worth the most out of anything else in my life. Money can always be made up, but time can’t which is something that feels as must be repeated. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has taught me how to think and change my mindset to focus on the things that will make me happier. Does one choose to be rich or to be poor? While, it may appear as a strange question looking at it deeper really brings up many questions about how we choose to live. The small thing one chooses to buy or not, isn’t about the present but more about the future. Think about it, the pleasure now beats what we want in the future. Since our desires drives us, we must be able to know or learn for what is right. In my future life, I know what I want and I know what I don’t want. By starting now more than ever it will eventually lead to a success that you want. I strongly encourage to read this book or just start reading in general. I used to never like it but not it helps me more than ever but always remember to act upon it.

Always read and learn more, but if you don’t act upon it, it becomes nothing”


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