Just Change Your Mindset- Learn to train your mind

Imagine yourself completing a task for a million dollars or as much money as you could realistically want. The offer sounds amazing and yet is durable, but the twist is to imagine you must do the task you despise the most. Think about it, is it still easy? Is your brain up to the challenge? Most people see themselves as tough and can get through anything they want, while that is true everyone has their limits. Building your mind isn’t like a muscle in your body, but rather an idea not yet formed. Recently I’m in the process of detox from social media or technology itself, because in my mind it causes myself to become weaker. The more technology drags me, the less powerful I seem to become. In a strange way, don’t we all want power. Learn to say to no to one’s desires because we want something everyday and it really isn’t our fault. I’ve changed my mindset, to where I control what it does and how it should function. I work at shoprite( which I now love working at) and at the beginning it was a death sentence to show up because my mindset was not yet formed. My mind was not focused and I was always thinking about the activities I could be doing instead of having to work. I hate to say it, but I felt weak and vulnerable to actions that weren’t even mine( metaphorically). Yet two weeks later, I had found my why and the rest was something I loved to now. Always find your why early on in life and aspire from it. I wanted something more than just myself to succeed but also to make others lives better. Currently I want to work more hours, I want the 8-10 hours shift from work , and I even hate days off. ( Crazy right!)

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

Changing my mindset let me be the driver of my life rather than just hitchhiking it. Think it about, don’t you want the power? Learn to accept some truths in order to grow from them. I was so focused on the future so many times, that I forgot there was a present from time to time.

Take this from my post We wish we could’ve acted upon something or not have another, but that all starts from how we fix our mindsets to pair with our desires.

Thank you for reading, have a great night. Until the next Post…

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