Want to be Happy?- Start doing something NOW!

While the title looks pretty vague, it is a vital lesson I and many others have failed to do at some point in our lives. By just letting time pass, one is basically hurting themselves with the growth and development of some kind of gift. It may be hard to believe but everyone has some kind of gift even if it’s under 10 feet of not-so-good traits. The problem is that starting something that is unknown to us challenges us with different aspect of our lives. We fail to give ourselves a shot and from my perspective it constantly puts doubt on our gifts. Gifts are something you receive but also something you give. You should never think that you are entitled to something without first giving and I learned that from Robert Kiyosaki. As it always goes, what we do now will eventually affect what will happen later. In life there so are so many activities we can do, that it is almost impossible to choose what we want. Yet, there are two variables that eventually lead to what happens. The first being, what is right in front of us or the easy choice. The second, is what we aspire to be or what we want in life. Some people choose the first thing they see, or something that has always been there for them.It’s not entirely their fault, because it what they have always been shown to want. In no way, am I trying to put people down because of their life choices but I want others to see what options are out there. I come from Guatemala which as I can say is not the greatest part of invention or entrepreneurship minds. When I came to America, there were many material and metal pieces that were here before me, which helped me.

“All of you were given two great gifts: your mind and your time.”

Robert Kiyosaki

More than anything, I want everyone in life to find some kind of happiness in their lives. After all, that is a god-given right!! Learn to master a skill or learn to really do anything that you find enjoyable. Then in some way learn to make money or some kind of lifestyle of that. People don’t just become really happy or rich( expect win the lottery) in an instant because they worked for something. Over the years I’ve changed my mindset to fit myself and desire more in life. Whether it makes me happy or educates me I’ll always be there doing something new. I encourage you to start something NOW!!!

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