My High-School Experience- but not really

As a high school senior, I want to say something that I never actually followed throughout my years. It’s always a weird feeling when someone is leaving something forever. It seems to far waiting to end, yet time has come by so quickly it feels like two seconds. My final day of high school, I attended something called Project Graduation, I attended it because it seemed fun and also since it lasted from 11 P.M- 5 A.M. I meet and just played games the entire time, and it was weird because during it, I felt blank and almost empty. Time felt so slow but at the same time fast, which was basically my entire high school career. The darkened night when I had left, brought me into more sorrow because I had knew it was over. The feeling in my stomach, not of butterflies but almost seagulls had took refuge inside of me. High school is only the first steps of completing a game, where the goal is unknown. The goal can lead to many things, but in turn it all depends on the person playing it. High School brings to light the different possibilities that life actually has to offer, but not exactly helping with them. Many say school in general isn’t made for enterupertes or free thinkers, but isn’t that the point. Isn’t high school suppose to open up one’s mind to what is actually out there to be done. It’s scary, scary to say that after four years of cave no longer will my hand be held. Since, throughout most of my high school life it consisted of school and home or work. It kept me in line from the world and on a schedule. Is the fear leaving high school or starting a singular new life? The way the world works, about anyone is able to do anything with just an amount of confidence. Nobody else cares what you do, the world is an open ocean to do about anything. I will be honest, I didn’t learn much from high school and it’s numerous classes. Yet, what I didn’t learn I was able to figure on my own. Honestly I could go on for hours writing about something that meant so much to me, but I’ll keep it short. Always be grateful from what you came from but also understand what it means to you. I’ve loved everything about highschool, especially towards the end. I can’t wait to start another part of life, but remember to always understand what is given to you.

2 responses to “My High-School Experience- but not really”

  1. Hey, great read! I’m actually a rising high school junior at the moment, so getting to hear your perspective on things was great. Being a fellow blogger myself, I also really appreciate how organized and well-formatted everything was – it definitely made the content much more digestible overall. Keep up the awesome work!


  2. Great to hear that you may have learned something. I don’t remember much about my junior because it was mostly through covid, but something I can tell you is that explore more about yourself. The big thing that happened to me, was that I fell down a lot of times because of certain events in school but don’t let that be you. Learn to enjoy yourself but also expand more on your brain. ” The most valuable thing you have is your powerful mind, and never forget that”- Robert


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