The Circus(Chapter 5)- Learn from the things that hurt you the most

During McRaven’s SEAL training, there was something called The Circus. The Circus contained two extra hours of conditioning; its primary goal was to make trainees quit. Because he had failed during regular exercises, he was forced to attend this horrible event. Surprisingly after so many times of The Circus he had gotten better and was able to will himself from it. His failures caused him to get better and stronger to be able to complete his goals. His willpower allowed for him, to keep going.

“Don’t be afraid of the circus”

William H.McRaven

We all fail, yet not all of us succeed because of that. Failing is truly heartbreaking, but it doesn’t destroy your heart. Many realize they will fail, but that isn’t always a bad idea. Failing lets us think and reflect on how we will do better next time. There will always be a next, never drag on a situation that doesn’t help or harms you. I’ve encountered many failures and more are to come, but I know those only help me want more from myself. How do you face failure or rejection? In a strange way I’m happy I failed but not proud of it. Another philosophy I live by is that there are always things to explore or learn. I love to learn and had a passion for it. Failure is another way to learn from experience. Experience is the true learning point for many people. Reading and talking about events are great but the lack of experience will eventually show. Learn to experience loss or failure in order to feel some success. Whatever you do never lose that passion or reason to fight. At times, it will happen but learn to be stronger. Learn, Learn, Learn and never stop. I will always have a passion to want more and succeed more. I want that for myself and for you as well.

Thank You for Reading, Hope we can have conservation on bettering ourselves. Isn’t that what life is about, getting better at something and being happy.

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