Learn to Take A Breath- Think More

Sad to say, but it’s been almost a whole week since I’ve written a blog and I’m pretty ashamed of it. The worst part about it is that I love to write, and probably most of you are reading this simple post. I don’t want to make an excuse about why I haven’t been writing but to say it bluntly, life. Life finds a way to get one off track and start completing another task, forgetting about the one previously. Recently, my life had consisted for about 7 days straight: school, BIG ESSAY( 45% OF MY FINAL GRADE) and work. It has probably been one of the worsts times I had during my school year since it derailed me from the things I love to do. In life I learned that there will be many sacrifices to be made, but choosing the right ones are the most important. From reading this, it shows that I am stressed and that is very much correct. Yet, something I really failed at doing was taking a deep breath. Something I had failed at was taking a step back and just thinking about what I was doing. The biggest problems in our lives take our most attention and action, yet many will never take a moment to think. I don’t just mean breathing( but also meditating is very good, I mean taking some time to reflect and understand. My philosophy is that I like to take life slowly but surely. I’m not a fool and not look at my future but at the same time that isn’t my biggest priority. Just like our desires, there will always be more things to want. In life, there will always be something to stress about or to overthink. Yet, that gives the opportunity to reflect and consider more about life. I’ve learned to love the simple things in life, but that hasn’t taken away the bigger one as well.

My One Habit- I’ve never been a hypocrite of my words and will always follow my it. The one thing I do about 3-4 times a week is go to my county park and just walk around. I take in the nature and put on some good music, then continue to walk until my legs fail on me. I love to see nature at its purest because that’s where it all starts. Nature is something special to our lives and many don’t appreciate as much as it should. Many focus on what’s current and not the constants in life. In life there will always be a lot of stress, but take the time to breathe. Learn to look in deeper and understand the goods in life before it’s too late.

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