Chapter 3 ( Only The Size of Your Heart Matters)

As a population, we judge others or how we are judged can determine a lot about how we live our lives. Due to social media, our opinions are everywhere, and while some are great there are others who speak negatively just because. It’s hard to say but not every opinion will matter now or in the future. While reading this chapter a lot came to mind about how we meet each other or even make friends. The biggest problem is that we can’t see how big each other’s heart or do we even try. McRaven mentions a kid who was struggling to complete the obstacle courses and was pushed around due to his weakness. It was only when he had something to prove did he step up and become someone that he could forever be proud of. This kid was able to do something that many could never, stay strong under extreme pressure and fight. It had given me hope and drive to become better because in my mind I felt that I could do the same. My years of wrestling had concluded with many failures and having something to prove. I was pushed around and never seen as the top guy even though in my blinded mind, I thought opposite. Those who think little of you, should be all the motivation that drives one to continue. Yet, as I said before motivation can’t be the only thing that pushes one to keep moving. I love to believe that I don’t judge people based on their looks or how they appear to act. I know that I don’t want to be treated like that either yet people still fail at it. We as a community fail to appreciate others large hearts. People choose to be nice and heart-warming, so we must appreciate it.

” It’s not the size of your flippers that counts, just the size of your heart”

William H.McRaven

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