Is the gym good for me? – It’s Amazing

First of all, before I even get started, I wanted to answer some basic questions when it comes to the gym. What does it do for me? Is it worth it? Is it hard to start and keep going? The gym is a great place to improve and feel good about oneself. For different reasons, people who attend the gym are all mostly positive. Let’s start from the beginning. There are levels to how one sees the gym and it provides support at about anytime when someone is feeling down. I have seen some amazing results, but I’ve also enjoyed the journey that it took to get to where I am. The biggest problem some might see with the gym is that there is a feeling of no end. While it can feel like there is no ending, that can also feel perfect.

What does it do for me? The gym not only builds the build or whatever physique is wanted. It also builds a kind of character to is not always expected or wanted. I knew that the was going to be helpful in getting stronger because, at that time, that was my main goal. Yet my wrestling days and gym time gave me a lot of discipline which I needed. ( Not the same for everyone) Just like all my other small things I do, it created a routine in my life which I had never stopped doing. It was actually strange, in my earlier years I struggled to go to the gym daily. It might have been since I had not learned to drive but also since I was not motivated to do anything. I was truly unhappy from day to day when I missed the gym. Out of nowhere that changed, something inside my head clicked and now more than ever, I want to go to the gym. I love the feeling after a great day at the gym and now it creates something better than motivation which for me was passion. Passion for something I love and something I want to improve. Passion truly helped me get out of my slump and whether or not I will improve, I know I will keep going.

Is it worth it? Absolutely, I mean absolutely you should 100% try it. Look how I said try it and not just do it. The gym is a very spread out thing where it could be easy for others but hard for you. That shouldn’t matter because the benefits are there for the taking, it just depends on wherever you want to take it. Like getting out of bed, will you actually get up and go to the gym? The worth of paying $10 or $300 to start in gym doesn’t matter, just getting in there truly does help. Whether you’re grinding on the gym or just thinking about starting take this from this reading, try something that might scare you to open up your brain. Today I tried a new max and it felt amazing, I was truly scared but happy that I had done it finally. I knew there was a chance I was going to fail, but I just put on my favorite song and did it.

Is it harder to start something or keep going that you know is scary? It takes two different mindsets because they are completely different objectives. I will keep it brief, it will take a lot of work and constantly getting up to make some progress. It’s definitely not easy but after awhile you will learn to love it. You will love the day you feel great and can make new friends from the gym. Don’t let anyone criticize you about going to the gym or trying something new. Embrace that and do better because that is just part of the journey. The gym has done me wonders and I hope to hear about your stories as well. – Thank You

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