Should You Have A Daily Routine?-Yes, Yes!

Every day is a new day. What do you think about that? There is an argument to be made about how the beginning of the day should be crucial to the rest of the day. Something to me can’t be argued is the importance of how one starts their day. Whether it’s having a terrible night the prior day or just feeling like nothing is as important as sleeping more, we’ve all been there. The day to day chores or tasks we face can affect how we feel as people or what are worth is. Yet starting that day with a fresh feeling and sensation brings something to you which nothing else can. If you do a quick google search about what skincare does for you, it will show all the physical effects it has. Yet, from reading my posts( which I thank you alot) you can see that the physical benefit isn’t always as important than the mental aspect. Don’t just take my talk for it, also take it from my actions. I have been on a great skincare routine with the company Geologie; a great skincare company which specializes in about anything that deals with the skin. Geologie is able to get to know you, but also save you money which I would have never expected. While this is definitely not in anyway suppose to make you buy their product, it should make you start to look at what is out there. I’ve been going strong on my skincare for probably about 3 weeks and it truly does help me in life.

My Skincare Routine- My routine consists of putting on the Everyday Face Wash before anything else and letting that sit for 5 min with some warm water after to clean it off. The next step is to put on either the Night or Morning cream depending on the time. I never fail to miss any step during this entire process since if I do, it ruins a part of how I feel about it. Next I always include parts of hand lotion smelling like lime/lemons which feel great on me. I always have to include my deodorant and finally my Bed Bath & Beyond spray which I absolutely love. This section is not just to tell about my short routine but give you an idea of what it is or how anyone can be different. All these products make me feel great, but also boosts my moods or mindset since I start my day off with accomplishing something big. Just like in chapter one of ” Make your bed” it helps to know that something is done right early morning.

Conclusion- While the benefits to me outway the cons, everyone is different and how the day starts isn’t as important. The morning brings to life a fresh start, just like the cool air with the sun rising. The morning routine makes me get up and walk around the house while I find something to do. Everyday I learn something new, about how life treats me but also how it works. My routine is just a small part of that slice, and i hope you try something similar to what I do. Small changes are just as important as big ones. It just depends on the person wanting it more than the force pushing back. Choose to feel better and also become better by focusing oneself.


2 responses to “Should You Have A Daily Routine?-Yes, Yes!”

  1. Nice post! I just started a morning routine, and although it isn’t skin-care based, it has really helped me add some structure to my days and a feeling of freshness and cleanness in the morning. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I love to hear that, especially when you feel its effect every day. No matter its purpose for you, I can see that it makes you proud and confident. The hardest part for me includes what comes after, and finding to time complete it fully without any interruptions.

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