Chapter 2 – ” Find Someone To help You Paddle”

Chapter 2 of ” Make Your Bed” consists of the narrator talking about having a team by one’s side. Every day they had to carry a rubber boat on their backs, everywhere they went. By everywhere I mean everywhere, and that’s what life truly became for McRaven. Chapter 2 is one of more hard-hitting topics since it actually covers an injury that he had went through. While I was reading it, it allowed me to see how others or friends can play a role into our lives. The major idea that came out of this chapter was that, friends are there for us but not who makes oneself. McRaven was already a man of honor and someone who never backed down. The first time one gives up, will be the last time they start to feel good about themselves. Ever since sophomore year, I had lost a lot of friends who just never seemed to be similar with me. While I could blame them or me, I just moved because instead I wanted to improve on myself. I learned and understood who I was going to become. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a decent number of friends but just not as they used to be. There came a point where I could be happy working on myself in my room but also enjoying myself with others. There has to be a balance between the two, without that, there is full no completion. Don’t get this wrong, ” Make as many friends as possible” ( William H. McRaven), but also learn to be alone. Learn to understand who you are, but also understood how others can help. From the time I’m reading this, I’m enjoying my life and also trying to balance it as well. Never feel like you are not good enough or above others who are trying to build something with you. In this world of technology, the internet is a great place to socialize, but so is the real world. Ever since I’ve been going out with my friend I’ve met some amazing people who understand what is means to have fun. Start by, creating the conversation and let it carry it on. The story of the life is how we tell it, not guessing what it will come out to be. People are important to you, and vise versa. Open up to people about yourself and see where it goes. – ” You cannot paddle alone” ( William H. McRaven)

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