Taking Life Hour By Hour-Happiness

While I love to talk about books and what they do for my life, it is also very important to show how it affects my life. Yesterday my day consisted of waking up at 8 o’clock for work until 3. Then after that, ate lunch, and lastly got all my things together to go play soccer outside with a friend. I knew it was going to be extremely hot yet I still went. I would take the chance of having fun for burning myself in the sun’s rays. There were hispanics there already playing a game there, which I was happy about so I played along. One of the greatest things in life are the people you get to meet everyday. Yesterday I had completed a simple task like making my bed to be able to have a fun but tough game of soccer. Another thing that had made happy was that there was a street vendor walking around. It had brought me back to the days I had lived in Guatemala. The reason I’m telling this amazing story, is because life is what I see it as, a lot more fun than others see it as. In my blog post before, I had talked about the scariest part of life are the amount of choices we have to make and control it. Yet, for my entire life it had seemed like how i choose my mindset ,that would determine the outcome. When my mindset was terrible so was my day, but when it looked at it differently it truly helped. While this isn’t going to fix a problem fully, it does help see it differently. Yesterday was almost a perfect day and it’s hard to come by them with many things going on in one’s life. Thank You for reading, have a day in which you can be proud of .

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