Chapter One( Start off By Making Your Bed)

I won’t lie the biggest factor in the beginning, was that this book was pretty short. I’ve always had trouble finishing a book even though I love to read ,about any type of book. I had first found this book after 20 minutes of looking at Barnes & Noble books, which was a pretty good time spent. I had actually spent a lot of money there which I never regret. ” Make Your Bed” is narrated an admiral who during his basic SEAL training goes through courses which many could never say they have. His stories go through many points about life and how to face problems we all suffer from. The first thing he actually talked about was making his bed, which at first I thought was some type of symbolic truth. Yet, it made sense after afterwhile of reading this book. The morning has a lot to do with how our day may turn out to be. The problem with it, is that it really is a pain for many to get up. The hardest part about living our lives seems to be that we can have a lot of the control which comes with a lot of responsibility . Leading to the biggest things, it starts with the little things we choose to do or not. I’ve started creating tasks for myself to complete in order to better my habits but I fail at times. I would like to say that’s part of the process, but it also shows my weakness. Like making your bed everyday to complete a task, I keep on persisting with these tasks in order to complete my goals. Yet, one must think that journey is just as important. One thing that had spoken to me was that he watched Saddam Hussein while in capture and he never had his bed made. While he makes this observation, it makes one think what kind of man he was on the inside not just what he did. While it seems like an exaggeration, looking at the bed of those who you see, helps you see some people’s priority. The biggest idea that I got from this chapter had been that making one’s bed will give some sense of satisfaction but also a jump to the day.

-Thank You for Reading, Until Next Post

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