My First Post(Purpose)

First time writing anything like this which can actually be very scary. Just like anyone, change is especially scary when the actions are opposite of one’s personality. Change over time feels great but right now I’m still on some type of path to expand who I am. During high school, school was amazing for me because I was who I wanted to me. Yet, I was later to know that it wouldn’t be the best thing for me. I became to comfortable and I have regretted plenty of things during my time at my high school. I came here to tell my truths but also some advice. Like the world I’m here to start conversation but differently I want them to mean something. I want to tell a story which is what I wanted this entire blog to be centered around. Whoever finds this page or for what reason, hopefully you can contribute. To start I will be going over a book that I truly enjoyed reading ” Make Your Bed” by William H. McRaven. He talks about the many sides of life but more importantly, how to improve one’s life. From my reading I was able to get a lot from it and continue to use those words in my life. I hope there can be something made within all these if not I still love writing. I’m always here for you and to create a story. – Have A Great Night

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